Tony Levin

Tony has recorded with Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Pink Floyd and others. Well known for playing live with Peter Gabriel and with Crimson, he brings to the camp many of his Music Man basses, his Chapman Stick, his funk fingers, espresso machine(!), and willingness to share ideas, teach, and interreact with players and fans. Expect tips on coming up with bass sounds for different situations. For fashioning bass parts with King Crimson or Peter Gabriel or just a singer songwriter who wants a good bass on their record, on sounds and techniques for recording the bass, on concert sounds for clubs to arenas. For Stick players, different techniques can be covered, as well as sounds for the bass and guitar side of the instrument.

Interests from campers will determine a lot of the agenda from Tony's daily classes - from maintaining a road diary, to what espresso machine to take on the road.

The emphasis will be on universal topics that are of use to players at all levels, and of interest to fans who are not players.

Tony's web page has lots of information on him as well as diaries from past tours.